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Lunch & Other Adventures || Harold & Charles


“Nope, not at all. I never really considered anything but I broke off an engagement with this girl who was the daughter of one of may Father’s associates.” Charles replied. “But I’m really open to anything else happening here on out.” Charles smiled at Harold, then he looked away, trying not to draw any unnecessary ideas at the comment he just made and what he could have implied. Charles held back laugher, worrying about the context of the whole situation. “You’re not being too intrusive. If I went into the details about my personal life, that might be testing the limits.”

He laughed “Ah arranged marriages. Yeah I was supposed to be in an arranged marriage too. She was a great Lady. But I wasn’t interested so the engagement never did happen. Thankfully.” Harold chuckled to himself. “Other than that nothing too serious. Nobody wanted to be involved with a silly writer like me.” He shrugged and smiled.  Harold couldn’t keep from wondering about Charles previous statement. He brushed it off Perhaps he had just misinterpreted the man. “Oh do not worry I will not pester you for your deepest desires. I frankly dont care. Well actually..” he laughed 

Lunch & Other Adventures || Harold & Charles


“Well, I guess I would become a lawyer however; it is too late in life to consider starting all over again. And yes, I would be opening a firm on Wall Street. I would not be one to abjure my father’s orders. He would definitely board a ship and come to New York to yell at me himself. He always makes sure he gets what he wants.” 

"Well, Charles you never know where life will take you." he uttered contemplating his statement. It was something that was on Harold mind frequently. Rubbing his face with both hands he continued "Have you got anybody that you’re leaving behind? Surely such an attractive man like you must have some sort of romance." he laughed softly and noticed Charles’ reaction. "Oh sorry feel free to stop me if I’m getting too intrusive." Harold covered his face waiting for the worst. 

A Familiar Face || Anneliese & Harold


“Yeah.” Anneliese agreed reluctantly, as her gaze turned to the ground. “Anything.” She tried her best to hide the agony she felt just thinking of the life that lie ahead of her. But she feared that she was doing a terrible job of it. 

“So. Tell me: what are your plans when the ship docks?” Anneliese asked, hoping to defer the attention from herself. 

Harold noticed Anneliese’s apprehension toward the subject and looked down at his feet nervously. “My apologies I promise you I didn’t mean to bring up anything that would project rather unsettling thoughts ” He sighed and raised his gase to look her in the eye. 

" Well I you see I’m just looking for more work. I’m a writer and I have a feeling that America will be my big break. I’ve been having trouble with publishing in England, lately." he bit his lip nervously "Maybe even starting a family. But you know being a writer is a lot of work." muttering his last sentience and smiled forlornly. Again he found himself gazing at the floor.